Hello, and thank you for visiting my webshop. My name is Petra, and I am the owner and creator of Dantsuni. My whole life, I have loved to craft and create. Dantsuni is my way of sharing a bit of that love with others. Here I sell my handmade polymer clay jewelry. Every piece is designed, created, and assembled with care to guarantee high quality. This way, the jewelry will last for many years to come.

The name Dantsuni has a special place in my heart. It’s a mix of the names of my little helpers; Danny and Tsuki, my 2 cats! They always love to inspect my work and give me friendly reminders to take a break now and then.

This is Danny. She is my five-year-old Maine coon mix. Food is the love of her life, and she will do anything for her favorite snack. She loves to cuddle and will lay by me even when it’s 30°C outside.

This is Tsuki. She is my two-year-old neva masquerade. Every day I get greeted by her with her many different meows and chirps. She loves to follow me everywhere like a little duckling.

image of my cat Tsuki