Polymer Clay

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer Clay is a form of modeling clay that is extremely lightweight. Modeling clay is very soft and moldable but hardens when put in an oven. Polymer Clay is not a type of clay found in nature. It is an artificial clay from plastic and PVC. That makes it very versatile, and it’s durable! If properly maintained, it can last a lifetime!

Polymer clay has a wide variety of uses but is mainly used by artists and hobbyists. Uses range from stop motion pictures to earrings! It is available in many colors, including metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and “stone.” You can use Polymer Clay to simulate many materials: stone, semi-precious stones, porcelain, wood, glass, and even marble:

Marble dagger statement stud earrings
Polymer Clay Marble Earrings

Mixing and Matching

The clay can be mixed and matched with other colors to get the exact color you want! Just like paint! You can mix them thoroughly to get a single color or mix them to get a “marbled” effect (as previously shown). Not only that, but once baked in the oven, you can use water-based acrylic paint to add even more to your fabulous clay creations!

Bell bag earrings
Polymer Clay Acrylic painted Earrings

Baking the clay

Now you’ll probably be wondering if you’ll need to purchase a (very expensive) kiln to bake your creations in. Luckily for you, you don’t need it! You can bake the clay in a regular oven! Polymer Clay hardens at around 135 C (or 275 F). This means that you can almost use any oven to set your clay. You can even use your existing oven in your kitchen!

Now I can see you thinking: “But isn’t it dangerous if I use the same oven that I cook food in to bake my clay?”. No! Polymer Clay is non-toxic, and you can bake it in the same oven you cook food in! Just make sure that you don’t cook your food and the clay at the same time 😉

Non-toxic also does not mean that you can straight up eat it. It is still not a very good idea to replace your dinner with clay.


If baked correctly, the clay stays durable and flexible after being cured. This makes it perfect to use in jewelry! Imagine your favorite pair of earrings that don’t fade or break even though you wear them every day! If properly maintained, your earrings will last a lifetime! Every order from our shop includes a small card on which the best way to maintain your earrings is written.


Interested in polymer clay earrings? Our shop has a wide collection of Polymer Clay earrings that are made in combination with metals that are lead & nickel free. This ensures that even with the most sensitive ears, this will not cause any irritation.